Toy Returns


·    Members are asked to not clean toys in their own homes (to prevent damage to the toys), simply return the toy in its original container and we will take care of the rest! Because our toys are circulated around the community they will need extra care and cleaning. We quarantine all our toys upon return and then use environmentally-friendly methods to clean them.

·    (If a toy in your care is exposed to a biohazard (blood, feces, vomit) please seal it in a plastic bag and inform the librarian when you return it so proper precautions can be taken.

·    Returns can be dropped off only during open hours. Weather permitting, there will be a bin outside the library window for returns. If the bin is not there, please call 607-241-0977 or knock on the window and someone will come out to retrieve your items. Please do not leave toys in our hallway or outside when the library is closed.