Our First Press Release

Post date: Nov 23, 2016 3:1:2 PM

Newly formed nonprofit, Finger Lakes Toy Library, launches crowdfunding campaign, seeks Ithaca location

Ithaca, NY, November 21, 2016 - With the launch of a GiveGab crowdfunding campaign on Giving Tuesday, November 29, Finger Lakes Toy Library, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed for both charitable and educational purposes, is announcing itself to the community. FLTL was formed in 2016 to operate a toy lending library that serves all area children without discrimination.

    To that end, FLTL is hoping to have enough fundraising success to offer membership free of charge, so that all may join without hesitation or limitation. Funds raised during the crowdfunding campaign may go towards goals such as purchasing toys, creating brochures, hosting a fundraising event, purchasing insurance, and securing a location. With the community’s help FLTL hopes to secure an Ithaca location and a full-time employee and open its doors by June 2017.

    On Giving Tuesday, a global day of nonprofit giving which is on November 29th and is also called NYGivesDay locally, GiveGab will wave the 5% fees associated with the use of its service. The GiveGab campaign can be found on our website.

    “We need to show community support with a successful crowdfunding campaign when we apply for grants,” says President Debra Lewis. “So if all you have to spare is five dollars, please use it to cast your vote in favor of the creation of a toy library in Ithaca.”

    Toy libraries work just like book libraries, except that instead of borrowing a book you borrow a toy. Toy libraries have been around in the USA since 1935, and are supported by the USA Toy Library Association as well as the International Toy Library Association. The mission statement of our local toy library is: FLTL exists to improve quality of life: by increasing access to toys, supporting play, and encouraging a culture of reuse and sharing.

    Initially, available toys will be suitable for children between the ages of 0-7. After showing early success, FLTL intends to increase their collections to include older children and to have selections specifically for children with special needs.

    FLTL is currently in the process of seeking a location in Ithaca, NY. The organization is looking for a space that can accommodate a large amount of shelving for displaying toys as well as a play-space area. The space must have at least one bathroom, a kitchen for cleaning toys, and room for storage. The space must also be handicap accessible.

    “If you know of a location that might work for a toy library, please contact us,” says Vice President Amber Smith. “We are especially interested in rent-free or low-rent arrangements, and/or financial assistance with the costs of renting or owning.”